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JBS is an international community founded in the UAE to serve the diverse needs of its students. Our student body consists of 70 different nationalities.

Our motto ‘know yourself, learn from each other’ demonstrates a clear commitment to having our students understand their own cultural background as well as that of others in our community. It also encourages students to be reflective and open-minded regarding our commonalities and differences.

Our curriculum is sensitive to cultural, gender, linguistic, ethnic and religious differences. The Primary Years Programme of Inquiry is built around 6 themes of global significance. One of the fundamental concepts of the MYP is intercultural awareness. The Diploma and the Career-related Programme reinforce international mindedness.

At JBS, we respond creatively and adaptively to continual changes in education and society. Our classrooms are characterised by innovation, creativity, achievement and technological integration.

All members of the community are valued and share a common purpose in the pursuit and achievement of quality education.  

We are a learning-focused school that continually builds upon existing excellent practice to provide new insights and understanding.



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